With over 15 years experience in the coring and core reinstatement industry, nobody has the expertise like we do when it comes to the accessories required to get keyhole coring jobs done right the first time. From specialized tools for extracting bound core drums, to winter reinstatement systems, to our functional road plates which allow for both short and long term roadway opening.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us directly and our experienced engineering and fabrication departments can custom build it for you.

Core Drum Extraction Tool

Utilicor Technologies core drum extraction tool allows for simple, safe and effective extraction of core drums which have become stuck in the pavement during the coring process.


Road Plate - Standard

Allows for roadway to be opened temporarily· Durable 1/4” thick checker plated top· Precise collar that fits snuggly into cored opening· Will not tip or spin out of cored hole. Painted safety yellow for visibility·.

Part # 12” / AC-12RP, 18” / AC-18RP, 24” / AC-24RP

Road Plate - Securable

Allows for roadway to be opened for longer periods of time with cored hole secured. Expansion gasket made of polyurathane expands to secure the plate into the roadway. Painted safety yellow for visibility, with five sided locking nut to reduce chance of tampering

Part # 12” / AC-12RPL, 18” / AC-18RPL, 24” / AC-24RPL

Core Heater

Allows for cores to be reinstated in colder months· Use when ambient temperatures are below 50°· Works to below 32° F· Specially designed baffle heats the cored opening and core at the same time· Allows for Utilibond set times to be reduced in cold weather· Available for 18” or 24” diameter cores· Propane heater not included

Part # AC-HTR18, (18” cores) AC-HTR24 (18” and 24” cores)

Propane Heater for Core Heater

Forced air· 35,000 BTU. 110 volt or rechargeable battery. Propane tank not included.

Part # AC-BLR

Utilibond Mixing Blade

Four bar mixing blade for proper Utilibond mix Fits 1/2” drill chuck / Use 7 amp. drilling or greater

Part # AC-MIX