Reports & White Papers

September 2014: International Gas Union Research Conference 2014 – A Cost Saving Strategy for Minimizing Pavement Restoration Costs (Keyhole Technology)

March 2014 – NASTT Using In-Pipe Condition Assessment to Optimize Small Water Main Renewal, with Keyhole Technology

March 2013: Road Utility Cuts and Repair – Applying Keyhole Technology, Michael Haher, Principal, Golder Associates Ltd.

March 2013: NASTT Presentation: A Cost Savings Core Strategy for Reconnecting Service Laterals Utilizing Keyhole Technology

January 2011: Model Municipal Regulatory Language for Coring and Reinstatement

January 2007: Water Research Foundation Recommends Keyhole Technology for Reconnecting Service Laterals (AWWARF Report “No-Dig and Low-Dig Service Connections Following Water Main Rehabilitation” See: pp. xix, 14, 21, 48-51, 65-75, 106.)

June 2005: The Science of Utilibond – A comprehensive report on the efficacy of Utilibond and its use in reinstating keyhole cores back into the roadway

March 2004: NASTT Presentation: Healing the Utility Cut, A Unique Coring and Pavement Restoration Process

April 2004: The National Research Council Canada and U.S. Army corps of Engineers Utility Road Cut Study – Toronto Field Experiment. Conventional transverse trench is compared to keyhole excavation