Operationally Superior
Keyhole Coring Equipment from Utilicor





UTILICOR™ Technologies Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the field-proven, keyhole pavement coring and reinstatement system, used by major gas and other utilities, and their contractors, throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Australia.


The Minicor 3 – Skid Steer Coring Attachment – works on sidewalks or in other confined spaces where larger truck-mounted machines won’t fit.The Minicor 3 works with all skid steer loaders with a Rated Operating Capacity of 1550 lbs.

Utilicor Technologies MD-300 Heavy Duty Multi Directional Coring Unit is equipped with the Travesacor™ core-zone extension system, that allows the core drill to extend 12″ out from the back of the truck and travel.

Utilicor produced the Rover coring unit until 2022. The Trailicor Rover was the first towable, self-propelled, coring unit that could accurately core up-to 24-inch diameter cores in a matter of minutes. Capable of being towed to the work site at highway speeds.

The NEW MC-450 Minicor™ Coring Attachment fits skid steers as well as Ditch Witch SK 850, Vermeer S800XT mini track loaders, or any other mini track loader with a minimum R.O.C. of 900 lbs.

The Series 500 coring truck from Utilicor Technologies is the most robust coring truck available on the market today. Used by dozens gas utilities and their contractors for over a decade, the Series 500 allows.

The MPX-SS–Multi Platform Coring Unit–is Utilicor’s most flexible coring equipment. As its name suggests, it easily mounts on a variety of platforms: pickup trucks, flat deck trucks, service bodies or trailers.

Utilibond Permanent
Pavement Bonding Compound

Utilibond™ is the only specially formulated and engineered bonding compound designed to be used for permanently reinstating pavement cores in asphalt and concrete roads, sidewalks and other paved surfaces.

A ready-to-use (just add water), fast-setting, high-strength waterproof bonding agent, Utilibond™ is non-toxic and comes in two colors (Aged Asphalt and Natural Concrete).

Utilibond™ was developed and field-proven over 10 years by the Consumers Gas Company (now Enbridge Gas Distribution), one of North America’s oldest and largest local gas distribution companies with over 1.5 million customers, as part of its innovative rotary coring and keyhole pavement reinstatement program.