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Skid Steer Coring Attachment

 Minicor-3 Coring Attachment


The Minicor - Skid Steer Coring Attachment - works on sidewalks or in other confined spaces where larger truck-mounted machines won't fit.


The Minicor works with all skid steer loaders with a Rated Operating Capacity of 2000 lbs. and a hydraulic flow rate of at least 16 G.P.M. (Standard Flow). Compact size and mobility means fast, accurate work in tight spaces.


The large 60-gallon water tank allows you to core a day's work with one fill-up. The integral, universal quick-attach coupler system and quick-connect hydraulic and electrical hook-up, lets you "plug and play" and be ready to core in minutes.

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Skid Steer Coring Attachment

 MC-450 Coring Attachment


The NEW MC-450 Minicor™ Coring Attachment fits skid steers as well as Ditch Witch SK 850, Vermeer S800XT mini track loaders, or any other mini track loader with a minimum R.O.C. of 900 lbs.

The MC-450 cuts pavement cores up to 18” in diameter for keyhole repair applications. Due to the MC-450’s narrow width coring in tight spaces or up close to buildings or other structures is also possible.


Simple intuitive controls ensure ease of operation, and quick connect to the auxiliary hydraulic system makes for simple installation and allow you to “plug and play” and be ready to core in a matter of minutes. Integrated water tanks allow for multiple cores to be cut in a single fill. 

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MD300 Truck
Coring Unit

S500 Truck
Coring Unit

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 Series 500 Coring Truck


The Series 500 coring truck from Utilicor Technologies is the most robust coring truck available on the market today. Used by dozens gas utilities and their contractors for over a decade, the Series 500 allows its users to quickly cut keyholes through roadways and sidewalks at a rate of 1" per minute due to its 5000 P.S.I. of isolated down force focused on the coring drum and center pilot bit assembly.


Two, truck mounted, independently operated hydraulic stabilizers allow for the entire suspension of the truck to be isolated from the coring process, allowing for quick and accurate core cuts.


This is the only heavy duty keyhole specific coring truck produced for the industry and it will perform year after year beyond all expectations.


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 MD-300 Coring Truck


Utilicor Technologies MD-300 Heavy Duty Multi Directional Coring Unit is equipped with the Travesacor™ core-zone extension system, that allows the core drill to extend 12" out from the back of the truck and travel across the full width of the deck, facilitating precise set up without repositioning the vehicle, and giving the crew the flexibility to core anywhere within a 22 square foot area behind the truck without repositioning the vehicle.


Like all Utilicor coring equipment, the powerful core drill effortlessly and accurately cuts up to 24” diameter cores through all kinds of pavement up to 22” deep with an integral central pilot bit that simultaneously cuts a pilot hole to simplify extraction and reinstatement of the core.

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 Trailicor Rover Coring Unit

The NEW Trailicor Rover is the first towable, self-propelled, coring unit that can accurately core up-to 24-inch diameter cores in a matter of minutes.

With no trailer to buy or park, the robust, Trailicor Rover maneuvers on a dime and can get into small and restricted spaces where it can do its job with the same accuracy and speed that utilities and their contractors have come to expect from all Utilicor coring equipment.

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 MPX-SS Coring Unit


The MPX-SS – Multi Platform Coring Unit – is Utilicor’s most flexible coring equipment. As its name suggests, it easily mounts on a variety of platforms: pickup trucks, flat deck trucks, service bodies or trailers.


Built on a universal base that fits within the width of even the narrowest of pickup trucks, the MPX is a truly revolutionary design. A simple bolt-down pattern allows for a variety of installations, and can be easily swapped between vehicles, or even removed and stored off the truck or trailer when not required.

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Rover  Coring Unit

 MPX SS   Coring Unit

                                                                                Utilibond Permanent Pavement Bonding Compound
While there are a variety of coring tools available, the key element in the pavement reinstatement process is the bonding compound used to restore the repaired roadway.To be effective it must be able to bond the core to the remaining intact slab of pavement in a manner that allows the road to again perform as a system and to share the effect of traffic loading.
It must also generate sufficient bond strength to quickly meet relevant AASHTO standards and allow the road to be opened to traffic as soon as possible.

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Utilibond™ is the only specially formulated and engineered bonding compound designed to be used for permanently reinstating pavement cores in asphalt and concrete roads, sidewalks and other paved surfaces.
A ready-to-use (just add water), fast-setting, high-strength waterproof bonding agent, Utilibond™ is non-toxic and comes in two colors (Aged Asphalt and Natural Concrete).
Utilibond™ was developed and field-proven over 10 years by the Consumers Gas Company (now Enbridge Gas Distribution), one of North America's oldest and largest local gas distribution companies with over 1.5 million customers, as part of its innovative rotary coring and keyhole pavement reinstatement program

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