Benefits of Keyhole Technology

The benefits from utilizing keyhole technology are almost too numerous to mention – and applications are growing every year. It is a true win-win-win technology.

Not only is it better for the community in which it is used, it is a better process for those using it, the crew, and perhaps most importantly for the planet on which we all live. It is a green technology that results in a dramatically smaller carbon footprint when compared to traditional construction techniques. It saves tax payers and utility companies millions of dollars when compared to traditional methods of utility patch repair.

See below for just a few reasons why your company or your community should be encouraging its use wherever possible.

Benefits for the utility company, utility contractors, and the municipality:
  • Saves Money: Dramatically reduces paving budgets.Saves up to $1,000 per hole or $1 million or more per year vs. traditional cut & repair methods.
  • Positive Community Relations: Fewer complaints from municipalities about traffic disruption, unsightly road cuts, sunken patches or weakened or failed roads.
  • 100% Performance Index: Field-proven process with ZERO reported failures in more than 20 years and over 100,000 successful core reinstatements.
  • Improved Logistics: Pavement reinstatement means simplified scheduling, no temporary patching or repaving and no repeat visits.
  • Faster & Efficient: After just 30 minutes from the core being reinstated, the road can be safely reopened to traffic.
Benefits for the Crew:
  • Easy to Operate: No extensive training required to operate the coring unit
  • Easy on the Back: Eliminate the need for jack-hammers, shovels and backhoes, which reduces potential for workplace injury.
  • Easy to Use: Utilibond™ is packaged in easy-carry, easy-open, pre-measured pails. Just add water to the line, mix and pour into the hole.
  • Safe: Work-safe engineered equipment and non-hazardous bonding materials.
  • Reliable: The only purpose-built, coring equipment capable of quickly cutting through all types of road systems and sidewalks with a minimum of effort.
Benefits for the Community:
  • Reduced Traffic Disruption: Permanent pavement repair means reduced traffic disruption with fewer and shorter road closings and no repeat visits.
  • Saves Tax Dollars: Less structural damage to road system which results in longer pavement life and reduced maintenance, saving millions in tax dollars.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Keyhole coring and reinstatement emits less than ONE-SIXTH of the amount of green house gases than conventional methods.
  • Cleaner, Safer, Less Intrusive Worksite: No jackhammers or large excavation equipment means less noise and mess and reduced disruption for neighbors.