UTC1870 Self-Propelled Coring Unit

The UTC1870 Coring Unit, a pinnacle of self-propelled coring equipment, is powered by a robust 23 HP EFI Vanguard engine. Combined with hydraulic drive tracks, this unit offers unmatched self-contained coring capabilities. Compact and easily maneuverable, the UTC1870 features a wireless AARCOM remote control, ensuring effortless setup for precise coring operations.

Equipped with a 70-gallon integral water tank and an adjustable mast angle system, the UTC1870 guarantees smooth, all-day field operations. This self-propelled core drilling rigs is designed to meet the demands of any utility contractor, providing a quick and efficient solution for pavement core cuts without the need for additional equipment such as skid steers, trailers, or truck chassis.

For those seeking a completely self-contained solution, the UTC1870 can be ordered with an optional dedicated trailer. This powerful keyhole coring unit is perfect for utility contractors needing to perform rapid and effective pavement core cuts. With the ability to cut pavement cores up to 18” in diameter for keyhole repair applications, the UTC1870 stands out as a leading self propelled drilling machine.

Thanks to its narrow width and pinpoint maneuvering capabilities, the UTC1870 excels in tight spaces and close proximity to structures, making coring in challenging locations a breeze. Embrace the future of self propelled coring units with the versatile and efficient UTC1870.

Shell: Fully welded from 10 gauge steel.

Coring Assembly: Up to 18” diameter wet drilling core bit capacity, with linear glide system and proportionate orbital hydraulic drum feed system.

Water system: 70 gallon integrated steel water tank – lined to resist corrosion and with a cam-lock fill port for quick filling. Electric water pump, 3.0 G.P.M. @ 30 P.S.I. and includes 1/2” diameter water hose running to gland assembly on cutter drive shaft for cooling of cutter head and additional hose for cleaning and cooling outside of cutter. Water level site gauge included.

High Pressure Wash System: Hydraulically driven wash pump (5.5 G.P.M. @ 1,500 P.S.I.) with 10 feet of 3/8″ hose.

Electrical System: 12V with USB charging port.

Control System: Wireless AARCOMM remote control with Manual back-up controls. Control Panel with core drum rotational and down pressure gauges, core drum speed RPM gauge and E-STOP emergency shut off kill-switch.

Tool Box and Storage: One locking 3,200 cubic inch storage box with integrated tool carrier.

Paint: Sand blasted, powder coated primer and powder coated finish coat. (50% gloss black)

Basic Coring Package (extra): ProCor diamond segment coring drum with “A” flange drive adapter, steel pilot shaft, bi-cone pilot bit, pavement protection impact plate, standard core-puller, and Utilibond mixing paddle

UTC18 Dimensions:
  • Width: 64.5” (1,638 mm)
  • Length: 39.5” (1,003 mm)
  • Weight (water tank full): 2,600 lbs. (916 kg)
  • Weight (water tank empty): 2,020 lbs. (1,180 kg)
  • Height (including beacon): 88″ (2,235 mm) (including beacon)
UTC18 Capacities:
  • Drum Speed: 0 – 250 RPM
  • Maximum Coring Depth: 22”
  • Core Drum Diameter: up to 18”
  • Water Tank: 70 gallons (265 L)