MD-300 Heavy Duty Coring Truck

Utilicor Technologies MD-300 Heavy Duty Multi Directional Coring Unit is equipped with the Travesacor™ core-zone extension system, that allows the core drill to extend 12″ out from the back of the truck and travel across the full width of the deck, facilitating precise set up without repositioning the vehicle, and giving the crew the flexibility to core anywhere within a 24 square foot area behind the truck without repositioning the vehicle.

Like all Utilicor coring equipment, the powerful core drill effortlessly and accurately cuts up to 24” diameter cores through all kinds of pavement up to 22” deep with an integral central pilot bit that simultaneously cuts a pilot hole to simplify extraction and reinstatement of the core.

A variety of custom storage options are also available.

Understructure: 6”@10.5lb/ft structural channel sills, running the full deck length with six bolt-on hold-down assemblies.

Decking: Full 1/8” decking, 96” wide, running the full length of the bed with formed structural deck reinforcements.

Coring and Manipulator Assembly: Fully manoeuvrable Traversacor™ core-zone extension system (Patented) which allows the core drill to extend up to 12” out from the back of the truck and travel the full width of the deck, giving the crew the flexibility to core anywhere within a 24 square foot area behind the truck without repositioning the vehicle. 12” to 24” diameter wet drilling core bit capacity with linear glide system and proportional orbital hydraulic drum feed system.

Water system: 100 USG plastic water tank.Hydraulically driven high-pressure water pump, 5.5 G.P.M. @ 1500 P.S.I. with 15 ft of 3/8” hose and high-pressure handgun.Electric water pump, 3 G.P.M. @ 30 P.S.I. and includes 1/2” diameter water hose running to gland assembly on cutter drive shaft for cooling of cutter head and additional hose for cleaning and cooling outside of cutter.

Stabilizers: Two rear mounted hydraulic stabilizer legs.

Drive system: Power take-off installed on truck transmission.

Hydraulic System: Hydraulic load sense pump, drive line mounted to PTO with MH3 HydraPak hydraulic cooling system complete with15 gallon hydraulic reservoir. Includes suction and return lines, sight glass, temperature gauge, fill port, drain port and oil filter.

Control System: Plug in remote pendant control with 15 foot cable extension for operation of manipulator/cutter assembly and stabilizers, with boom-mounted control panel emergency shutdown switch, and digital coring drum R.P.M. read out.

Tool Boxes: (Optional) 5 deck mounted tool boxes. (2 underdeck 84” L x 20” H x 20” D) (2 deck mounted x 84” L x 34” H x 18” D) (1x deck mounted 36” x 17” x 18”) and open deck mounted storage area.

Paint Sand blasted, powder coated primer and finish coat (50% gloss black).

Included: Traffic cone carrier and spare drum carrier installed on the deck. Dual LED flashing amber strobe lights

Basic Coring Package (extra): ProCor diamond segment coring drum with “A” flange drive adapter, steel pilot shaft, bi-cone pilot bit or tri-tooth carbide pilot bit, pavement protection impact plate, standard core-puller, and Utilibond mixing paddle.

Required Vehicle Specifications:
  • Wheelbase: 189
  • Cab to Axel: 108
  • Rear Overhang (AF): 47.5
  • 62R: Transmission PTO Provision
  • 99R: 6.4L V-8 Diesel or Gas Engine
  • 44B: Torqshift 5-speed Auto Transmis
  • FORD F 450 or F550 4×2 Chassis Cab (or equivalent)
Available Coring Unit Options
  • Winterizing System
  • 3000 watt inverter
  • Heavy duty tow package
  • Deck mounted access steps
  • Long Handled tool box upgrade
  • Core Hoist (500 lbs. capacity)
  • Stabilizer Deployed” warning system
  • Slider Master slide-out storage tray (70” x 30”)
Coring Unit Weight
  • Weight (water tank empty): 7500 lbs
  • Weight (water tank full): 8300 lbs.
  • Water Tank: 100 Gallons
  • Drum Speed: 0 – 280 RPM.
  • Coring Drum Diameter: up to 24”
  • Coring Drum Depth: up to 22”