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Utilicor stocks parts for all our coring equipment.

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Utilicor Core Puller Tool

For safe core extraction and proper core reinstatement process.

2-1/4″ expension plug for use with carbide center bit, or 2-3/8″ expansion plug for use with roller cone or PDC center bit. Please specify.

Top mounted eyelet for insertion of lifting bar. High tensile threaded rod for durability.


Utilibond Mixing Blade

Four bar mixing blade for proper Utilibond mix·

Fits 1/2” drill chuck·

Part # AC-MIX

Complete Pillow Block / Water Swivel Assembly

Allows water to be channeled to center pilot cutter and coring drum. Hydraulic motor mounts to top. 1 1/4 x 7 T.P.I spindle shaft. Specify shim size in accordance to type of hydraulic motor (.350 or .420)

Part # PB-COMP

Pillow Block Water Seals

Replacement water seals for pillow block Leather. Sold as each / two required for rebuild.

Replace when water is not being trapped and directed to the coring assembly.

Part # PB-WS

Pillow Block Spindle Shaft

Replacement shaft for Pillow block / water swivel

Sizes available:

1 1/4″ x 7 T.P.I. (Stock Utilicor Size)

1 7/8″ x 7 T.P.I.

Part # PB-SS

Pillow Block Tapered Bearings

Replacement bearings for pillow block. Two required for rebuild. Sold as each.

Part # PB-TB

Pillow Block Rebuild Kit

Replacement bearings for pillow block. Two required for rebuild. Sold as each.

Part # PB-TB

Pillow Block Rebuild Kit

Includes all parts required to rebuild pillow block.

1 x shaft, 2 x tapper bearings, 2 x tapered race, 2 x water seals


12 volt Water Pump - Low Pressure

Self priming with run dry capacity. available in either 1.8 G.P.M. or 3.0 G.M.P.

Part # TR-FLOW

Water Filter

Banjo style. 50 micron. Washable filter.


Reinstatement Tool Set

Complete set of tools for core reinstatement process. Includes 5′ lift bar, two flat trowels, one small pointed trowel, sponge, wash brush, pail opener and Utilibond mixing blade. (Drill not included)

Part # AC-SET

Keyhole Tools Sets

Utilicor works closely with keyhole tool manufactures, and in some cases can supply tools directly.

Keyhole process applications can be found at the Gas Technology Keyhole Consortium web site.

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