George Mirtsopoulos
National GridNew York City

Our crews have been using Utilicor coring equipment and Utilibond for over five years now, and have achieved impressive results and we’ve increased customer satisfaction. No more jack-hammers, no debris left behind to dispose of and no waiting for paving restoration. At the end of the day the only thing left to mark our presence is a small circle in the pavement that is almost invisible.”

Kenny Pollock
Manager Gas Operations Support
Southwest Gas Corporation, Las Vegas

“Keyhole coring and reinstatement with Utilibond is a better alternative to traditional excavation. It not only reduces our pavement restoration and excavation costs but it greatly reduces the risk of damaging underground utilities while excavating.”

Michael J. Kemper
President & CEO
NPL Construction, Phoenix

“Northern Pipeline Construction has used Utilicor coring equipment and Utilibond for 10 years, both in keyhole repairs and in potholing to identify and avoid potential conflicts during directional drilling. It is definitely a technology whose time has come.”

Don Cordone
Senior Gas Operations Specialist
National Grid, Syracuse

“Utilicor’s coring units and Utilibond have made my day. Coring a hole through pavement, doing the repair and being able to reinstate the core back into the pavement and open the road again to traffic within half an hour of the repair is a huge saving of time and money and the neighbors like it too. No more lengthy road closures and traffic disruption. And when we’re done, we leave the road in much better condition than we would have with conventional repair methods. It’s a win-win, situation for everyone.”

Murv Morehead
ROW Coordinator
City of Overland Park, Kansas

“Fewer and shorter duration traffic disruptions, virtually no damage to surrounding pavement, a much more aesthetically appealing repair, lower cost and finally, a substantial reduction of damages to existing utilities, are just some of the advantages of the Keyhole Coring and Reinstatement process. I find it very challenging to list any disadvantages.”

Jamie Coward
Project Supervisor
Robert B. Somerville

“The time saved using the coring process was huge. We were able to more efficiently schedule our work by segmenting it into its component parts: drilling, coring, vacuum excavation and reinstatement. By using specially designed circular road plates from Utilicor, we were able to allow traffic to flow in two of the four lanes at all times and thereby reduce the impact of the work on the neighborhood and the traveling public. It also allowed our crews to run at an optimum rate without having to wait for another crew to complete its task and this helped us schedule the work more efficiently. But most importantly, we were able to keep traffic moving as close to normal as possible.”

M. ''Buddy'' Secor,
P.E.Manager Transmission & Distribution Pipeline EnergyWashington Gas

“The Utilicor truck is a meaty, big-muscle, heavy truck that can go through our city streets. The Washington DC streets have been there for a long time. Very high compressive strength. The aggregate is very hard material, and your truck cuts through it like a hot knife through butter. It’s a big-ass truck with lots of muscle behind it and it’s one that can do the job. I’m happy to use it right now, and wouldn’t think of using any other.”

David Williams
General Manager Utility Operations
NW Natural

“The ability for us to core drill and do our work in a small area eliminates our need for excess costs of paving and restoration… Reinstating the core is key.”

Don Brost
Quality Assurance Supervisor, Utility Operations
NW Natural, Portland OR

“Once the permitting agencies can see that we can do the work through a small round opening – and put the core back – the days of doing ‘three by fives’ and things like that, are gone.We’re gonna save a lot of money just on restoration. This is going to be a one crew dig – they do the entire function – so we are not having repeat crews having to go back and pick up plates and make second visits and third visits and that kind of thing. One crew will be able to do it all – the entire process – without any large equipment, excavators or things like that…. It’s going to save us a lot of money and will keep the customers a lot happier because they will see a cleaner jobsite.”

Mike Arioli
Gas Distribution Supervisor
Michigan Consolidated Gas (MichCon),Detroit

“There are substantial savings. The payback on the vehicle is roughly between 30 and 45 days – that would be the pay-off.The biggest improvement is in customer satisfaction. We can repair the stuff the same day. You don’t have to go back and send multiple crews to complete the task.”

Keith Griffin
Operations Manager
Nicor GasChicago, IL

“… in over 30 years in the gas distribution business, this is the most exciting innovation I’ve seen, and the Utilicor core truck is the best piece of equipment I’ve ever bought.”

Woodrow ''Woody'' A. Wilson
Supervisor, Paving & RestorationGas Maintenance & Construction,Baltimore Gas & Electric (BG&E), Baltimore

“Reinstatement is extremely easy. The ‘cookie’ comes out of the hole – grout it up -make sure that it’s level and your good to go. Half an hour to forty five minutes and you’re off the job site.”

Golder Associates

“Effective coupling is achieved where the road will share the effect of traffic loading, as postulated in conventional road design theories. The lab trials and previous demonstrations on the rotary cutting method have shown that the pavement coupon has been bonded into the slab in such a manner that the loads of traffic are effectively transmitted to the remaining intact slab. In addition, the investigation of former trials over a number of years indicates that the repair technique continues to perform well.Based on this successful performance, the City of Toronto has approved the Utilicor™ pavement restoration technique as a permanent replacement. Based on trials carried out at our testing laboratory in Whitby and our in-field performance observations, we are satisfied that the equipment, procedures and materials [including Utilibond™] developed and used by Enbridge Gas Distribution over the last 10 years will ensure satisfactory long term performance of pavement reinstatement.”

Professor David A. Lange, Ph.D., P.E.FACI of the Department of Civil EngineeringUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“…the Utilibond™ material excelled consistently as a rapid set material, and achieved the highest punch out loads at all test times. Only the Utilibond™ material demonstrated satisfactory performance in the 30-minute tests. Utilibond’s rapid set time and workability are meaningful attributes in the field application, and effectively differentiate the performance of bonding materials for reinstatement of cores.”

Byron Elkins
South West Gas

“South West Gas utilizes the keyhole process throughout its operations in Arizona, California and Nevada. And some of the key benifits – we don’t have to send our employees into the excavation, its cost effective, its environmentally friendly, and results in a much more durable and permanent repair that is pleasing to the public and the regulatory agencies. “