Media Centre

As the keyhole industry has grown over the past decade, so too has Utilicor Technologies. The media center is testament to this, with articles, white papers, approvals and multimedia links. From our infancy we have always been interested in helping our customers, both contractors and utilities, “connect the dots” when it comes to better understanding this new construction maintenance process, and how to make it work best for them.

In the media center you will find many of the articles written about the keyhole process and its users – real life examples of how many companies have learned to incorporate this process into their work stream, and how it has become an invaluable tool in their tool box.

You will find informative videos about the process of coring and reinstatement, as well as orientation videos on our equipment. The picture gallery has some great shots that illustrate the keyhole process at work, and pays tribute to some of our users.

And last, but not least, in these times of being environmentally aware and for those companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint, click on the Carbon Footprint, and find out how keyhole coring and reinstatement can reduce your companies impact on the environment.