Fully welded from 10 gauge steel, with integrated tow arm.


Coring and Manipulator Assembly:

Dual stage mast deployment system. Up to 24” diameter wet drilling core bit capacity with linear glide system and proportional orbital hydraulic drum feed system.


Water system:

Two 20 gallon plastic water tanks. Electric water pump, 3.0 G.P.M. @ 30 P.S.I. and includes 1/2” diameter water hose running to gland assembly on cutter drive shaft for cooling of cutter head and additional hose for cleaning and cooling outside of cutter. Winterizing hose included. Quick drain port included. Water level site gauge included.



Four, hydraulically operated stabilizers


Hydraulic System: 

26.5 H.P. water cooled Kohler gas engine creates18 GPM of hydraulic flow at 2200 PSI. Hydraulic gear pump, hydraulic cooling system complete with 15 gallon hydraulic reservoir. Includes suction and return lines, sight glass, temperature gauge, fill port, drain port and oil filter. Proportionate hydraulic valves.



Sand blasted, powder coated primer and powder coated finish coat. (50% gloss black)



Safety Beacon: Amber L.E.D. / Work Lights


Basic Coring Package (extra): 

ProCor diamond segment coring drum with "A" flange drive adapter, steel pilot shaft, bi-cone pilot bit, pavement protection impact plate, standard core-puller, and Utilibond mixing paddle.

Required Tow Vehicle Specifications: 

  • Pintle 

  • 3500 lbs. tow capacity

  • Lighting harness


Unit Weight:·

  • Weight (water tank empty): 4120 lbs.·

  • Weight (water tank full): 4453 lbs.



  • Water Capacity: 40 Gallons

  • Fuel Capacity: 10 gallons

  • Drum Speed: 0 - 280 RPM

  • Coring Drum Diameter: up to 24”

  • Coring Drum Depth: up to 22”


Available Coring Unit Options:

  • None

 Trailicor Rover Coring Unit
Features:                                          Brochure:


The NEW Trailicor Rover is the first towable, self-propelled, coring unit that can accurately core up-to 24-inch diameter cores in a matter of minutes.


Capable of being towed to the work site at highway speeds, the 3000 lb Rover in work-mode is powered by a 26.5 HP, Electronic Fuel Injected Kohler gasoline engine that drives both the quiet, smooth and precise, commercial grade, hydrostatic propulsion system and the industry standard, field proven, robust Utilicor hydraulic coring system, that can quickly and easily cut perfect cores up to 24-inches in diameter, up to 22-inches deep through asphalt, asphalt over concrete and reinforced concrete pavements or sidewalks, in minutes.


With no trailer to buy or park, the robust, Trailicor Rover maneuvers on a dime and can get into small and restricted spaces where it can do its job with the same accuracy and speed that utilities and their contractors have come to expect from all Utilicor coring equipment.


Two large 20 gallon, shared capacity, high-strength plastic water tanks, mounted over the main axel for balance when driving or towing (where they will not affect tongue weight), store sufficient water (40 gallons), for a good days work, and can both be conveniently filled at the same time from either fill port on each side of the vehicle. A 10-gallon, aluminum fuel tank (with fuel gauge) is mounted in a protected area behind the integrated 15-gallon hydraulic tank, away from engine heat.


Four, hydraulically activated stabilizers give the Rover its sturdy and balanced stance on even or uneven surfaces, and can be easily and precisely adjusted to achieve the proper coring angle perpendicular to the horizon.


The unit is driven and controlled by the operator with a single, ergonomically positioned, joystick that provides a full range of smooth and seamless forward and reverse directional and speed control at speeds of up to 5 mph. Quick release locking/free wheeling hubs on the main axel, ensure smooth and trackable towing at highway speeds. For additional safety, a hub mounted, lever actuated emergency/parking drum brake, locks the unit in place on inclines.


An adjustable, high-mount, driver’s seat equipped, with armrests, atop the sound absorbent engine enclosure, assures operator comfort and visibility.  All around engine access is gained through two lockable, side-opening compartment doors and a latched driver’s seat that tips forward for top of engine access.


Forward visibility is enhanced by the rugged front-facing, waterproof, bullet camera mounted on top of the coring mast that gives the driver a full 120° angled view of everything in front of the vehicle. This camera is one of the toughest built cameras in the industry and is regularly used on construction vehicles, snow plows and even industrial sized caterpillar trucks, operated in the harsh oil sand of Canada. It is fully waterproof and durable for use in the roughest weather conditions. It is complemented by a dash mounted, crystal clear 7.1” x 4.8” LCD Monitor in a heads-up display that is also FULLY waterproof so you do not have to worry about splashing water or even heavy rain. It is mounted in a lockable enclosure. It provides a full view of the area in front of the coring unit across the entire width of the vehicle, enhancing both operational safety and assisting the operator in properly positioning the coring unit for work.


Safety features include, an integrated protective roll cage, a heavy duty, spring-loaded, positive-pressure, Safe-T- bar, that mechanically locks the coring mast in the “fully up” transport position eliminating any “hydraulic creep” during transport, side view mirrors, roof mounted safety beacon and front and rear mounted work lights. Twin, emergency E-Stop controls provide emergency shut down capability from both the control panel in Driver’s cab and the Coring Operator’s location.