Utilicor Technologies offers both onsite training for utility and contractor crews, as well as demonstrations of the entire keyhole process

Whether new or experienced crews, one or two day comprehensive training modules are the best way to get everyone up to speed on the process of keyhole coring and core reinstatement. Utilicor will provide two experienced trainers who thoroughly understand the keyhole process, and have over 25 years of combined field experience to share with the trainees.

Using both in class presentations as well as in field demonstrations, end users will become competent keyhole coring and core reinstatement crews after attending these training sessions

Avoid the associated costs of broken equipment due to operator misuse, botched reinstatements or other associated downtime issues which are most often a direct result of poorly trained crews.

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Municipalities, utilities or their contractors may require proof of concept before adopting keyhole processes. Utilicor has partnered with hydrovac suppliers and keyhole tooling manufactures to bring together comprehensive demonstrations throughout North America and Europe. Demonstrations include the keyhole coring process, hydrovac excavation, keyhole tooling demonstrations, proper backfill methodologies, and finally a perfect core reinstatement.

In conjunction with field demonstrations Utilicor will also provide in-class presentations to address high level decision makers questions and concerns

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Agenda – One Day Onsite Training