Fully welded from 10 gauge steel, with integrated universal quick attach.


Coring Assembly:

Up to 18” diameter wet drilling core bit capacity, with linear glide system and proportionate orbital hydraulic drum feed system.


Water system:

30 gallon integrated steel water tank - lined to resist corrosion. Electric water pump, 2.3 G.P.M. @ 30 P.S.I. and includes 1/2” diameter water hose running to gland assembly on cutter drive shaft for cooling of cutter head and additional hose for cleaning and cooling outside of cutter. Winterizing hose included. Quick drain port included. Water level site gauge included.

Hydraulic System:

12 G.P.M provided from the track loader auxiliary hook- up at 2000 P.S.I.

Control System: Coring drum, feed and pressure gauges.


Sand blasted, powder coated primer and powder coated finish coat. (50% gloss black)


Basic Coring Package (extra): 

ProCor diamond segment coring drum with "A" flange drive adapter, steel pilot shaft, bi-cone pilot bit, pavement protection impact plate, standard core-puller, and Utilibond mixing paddle.

 MC-450 Coring Attachment


The NEW MC-450 Minicor™ Coring Attachment fits skid steers as well as Ditch Witch SK 850, Vermeer S800XT mini track loaders, or any other mini track loader with a minimum R.O.C. of 900 lbs.

This powerful keyhole coring attachment is the perfect addition for any utility contractor looking to perform quick and efficient pavement core cuts which are commonly used for daylighting or potholing purposes.


The MC-450 cuts pavement cores up to 18” in diameter for keyhole repair applications. Due to the MC-450’s narrow width coring in tight spaces or up close to buildings or other structures is also possible.


Simple intuitive controls ensure ease of operation, and quick connect to the auxiliary hydraulic system makes for simple installation and allow you to “plug and play” and be ready to core in a matter of minutes. Integrated water tanks allow for multiple cores to be cut in a single fill. 



Required Track Loader Specifications: 

  • Rated operating capacity 840 lbs. (min.)

  • Hydraulic flow rate 15 G.P.M. (min.)

  • Quick attach system

  • Quick connect hydraulic couplers 

  • 12 volt power source supplied from the skid steer (7 amp.)

  • Hydraulic Pressure: (Min/Max) 2000 psi / 3500 psi 


MC-450 Dimensions: 

  • Length: 36” (914 mm)

  • Width: 34” (863 mm)

  • Height (including beacon): 84" (2133 mm) (including beacon)

  • Weight (water tank empty): 660 lbs. (300 kg)

  • Weight (water tank full): 910 lbs. (413 kg)


MC-450 Capacities: 

  • Water Tank: 30 gallons (227 l)

  • Drum Speed: 0 – 280 RPM 

  • Core Drum Diameter: up to 18”

  • Maximum Coring Depth: 22”


Available Coring Unit Options:·

  • Adaptor mount for skid steers