Slidemaster™ Heavy Duty Slide-out Storage Tray

For convenient on deck storage and easy access to heavy materials, most of our purchasers choose the optional, heavy-duty (2000 lb distributed load) deck mounted Slidemaster™ slide-out tray.

The slide–out tray is 72-in long by 30-in wide and made of powder-coated steel. It rolls easily on sealed, steel bearings and can hold spare drums, road plates, Utilibond and other tools or materials.

Ergonomically designed, it can extend over 4-feet beyond the curbside of the deck to give the crew safe and easy access to all stored items. It comes equipped with a spring lock device that automatically locks in the open and closed positions, and a removable end gate to keep the contents on board.

Aluminum Tool Box with Roll-Up Doors

84″ Long x 41″ High x 24″ Deep Aluminium Box comes equipped with a roll-up door for easy access

3 seperate heavy duty selves makes tool orgainization easy.

Water proof and lockable makes this tool box a great addition to any coring truck.

Utilibond Underdeck Storage Box

This custom manufactured under deck mounted box allows for safe and efficient Utilibond pail storage.

Holds up to 7 pails for a full day’s work. Easy to access and load helps to reduce the chance of lifting injuries. Internal vertical shelving keeps the pails secured in place during transport.

Under-Deck Mounted Storage Boxes

Instead of the two standard 48” Long x18” High x18” Deep (9 cu. ft) painted steel, under-deck storage boxes, these optional aluminum storage boxes double the available under-deck storage capacity.

Constructed from heavy duty, aluminum checker-plate, these storage boxes are 84” Long x 20” High x 18” Deep (17.5 cu. ft.)

These units come in two configurations: General Storage and Long Handled Tools. The General Storage unit on the street side of the vehicle is divided in two, with one door 69” wide, and the other 10” wide to accommodate the control pendants and other small items. On the curb side of the vehicle is the Long Handled Tool unit with a single door 82” wide to accommodate long handled keyhole tools

All doors are equipped with lockable, heavy duty stainless steel handles.

Deck Mounted Storage Box – Aluminum

84″ Long x 36″ High x 18″ Deep aluminum deck monted storage box which includes adjustable shelving.