Fall 2013 Keyhole Newsletter
  • Why Longer May Be Better When Contracting. Contracts which have sufficient magnitude and duration allow for the contractor to earn a fair return on their investment.
  • The REAL cost of street repair.
  • Giant Core Sighting in Toronto. Super Sucker Hydrovac Services pulls a 30" deep core from the streets of Toronto.  
Summer 2013 Keyhole Newsletter
  • Top Ten "Keyhole" Applications.
  • Just Like Donuts, Cores need Center Pilot Holes Too! Learn why at the heart of any keyhole program you will find a central pilot hole drilled all the way through the center of the core. 
Winter 2013 Keyhole Newsletter
  • The Power of Teamwork. Learn how Washington Gas has fully integrated the company's alliance partner, Northern Pipeline, which has resulted in real savings
  • Surveying and Mapping Inc. (SAM Inc.) adopt coring and core reinstatement into their S.U.E. activities
Summer 2012 Keyhole Newsletter
  • Pinpointing the Leak and Finding hte Joint with the Keyhole Process. 
  • Ontario Ots for Manatory "One-Call" System.
  • NSTAR Utilities innovative keyhole use for leveling buried valve boxes in the street.
Spring 2012 Keyhole Newsletter
  • Northern Pipeline Takes Keyhole to a New Level for Washington Gas
  • Proper Core Reinstatements.
  • MPX Coring Unit.
  • Keyhole Core Reinstatements Require Diligence, Training and Standards.
Winter 2011 Keyhole Newsletter
  • Las Vegas Sets the Standard for Core Reinstatement
  • Washington Gas Saves Big by using Keyhole Technology
  • U.K. Recognizes Keyhole Process as a means to reduce traffic congestion
Fall 2011 Keyhole Newsletter
  • SouthWest Gas Appauds MAG County Standard for Keyhole Repairs
  • 6 Reasons for using Keyhole Coring and Core Reinstatement 

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