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Utilicor Technologies Inc. engineers, designs and manufactures its complete line of coring equipment in house in its state of the art manufacturing facilities located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

From our field tested Series 500 coring truck, to our MD-200 (Multi Directional) coring truck, our MPX (Multi Platform) coring unit which mounts on a truck or a trailer, to our NEW Trailicor™ coring trailer, to our versatile and compact Minicor™ -2 skid steer coring attachment, every piece of coring equipment Utilicor fabricates is designed to deliver years of hassle free keyhole coring production for both utilities and contractors.

Our current equipment designs are the result of over ten years of rigorous keyhole coring field testing, which has been further refined with direct feedback from our end users. This valuable input ensures that all new models incorporate features and options which will both increase the keyhole crew’s productivity as well as make the coring equipment more durable, safer, and easier to use.

Typical lead times for Series 500 and MD 200 coring truck assemblies are within 12 weeks from time of purchase, while our Minicor skid steer attachment and MPX coring assembly will often be available for shipment within two weeks from time of purchase. Custom fabrication is available, as well as any fleet specific requirements you may have: from fleet specific lighting requirements, to pintle plate installation, to on-board electrical inverter installation or custom manufactured storage solutions.

No request is too small for Utilicor, and no details are overlooked by our skilled assembly crew. From fabrication and fit up - hydraulic system installation and calibration - water and electrical system set up - Utilicor does it all to ensure you and your crews receive the best, most durable, easiest to use piece of coring equipment available on the market today.

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